Our Holiday Balsam fundraising program is a fantastic way for your school, group, organization, team, community program, etc. to successfully earn money. Balsam products are wonderful holiday decoration and terrific gifts, because of this you will be able to sell with ease.  The fresh Maine balsam used in all Worcester Wreath products is quite simply the best you will find.  The color and scent are amazing.  Because we own our own land, our balsam tips are harvested daily making our products as fresh as possible. Our quality cannot be beat. 

We have tried to make the fundraising program as easy to use as possible. There are three options: Option 1:Sign up, Receive your Promotion ID and flyers to hand out to family, friends, neighbors, etc. They go to our website and shop at their convenience.  Before checking out, they simply enter your promotion ID.  By doing this they will receive 10% OFF on their entire order. Your group will receive 25% of the entire order placed  (not including tax and/or shipping). We will mail checks to your group at the end of the year. The order is processed just like any other order we receive. The very easy option. Option 2:Sign up, choose your profit margin, receive forms with correct pricing for the 3 items shown above and a tally sheet.  Return completed tally sheets and money to us.  We will bulk box and ship the order to you.  You will distribute the items to your customers based on the collected order forms. This option is a little more time consuming for your group but also more personalized in sales. Option 3:Visit our website, choose the products you would like to sell.  Send us an email with the item name, the number of them you would like and the address where they would be delivered. We will work out the best possible price with delivery included. Once you receive the item(s) you sell them for as much as you wish. This option requires you to purchase the items upfront but there are no forms to handle. If you would like to sign up to fundraise, please send an email requesting a sign-up form to you have any questions, please call us at 207-483-6502 or 855-876-3772 or email us at