Handcrafted with care

from Balsam to Bow

Worcester wreaths come to you from our family farm, thousands of acres of rolling balsam forest tucked away in a quiet corner of Maine. Our wreaths are made with care and love by our hardworking Maine family, with lush balsam boughs that make for the fullest and most fragrant wreaths you’ll find.

We hope the wreath you choose breathes a bit of the deep forest scent of our Maine winter woods into your holiday season.

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the spirit of the Season

100% guaranteed

We proudly handcraft and ship each of our balsam products within 24 hours of harvest. If you don’t love your product, we’ll refund your money or send you a replacement at no cost. Freshness and quality guaranteed!

One for your home, one for your hero

Each year, Wreaths Across America chooses our handmade wreaths to remember and honor our nation’s fallen veterans at wreath-laying ceremonies across the nation. If you’d like to donate a wreath, volunteer your time, or learn more, visit Wreaths Across America.