About the Company

What is Worcester Wreath Co.?

Worcester Wreath Co. is a family-owned balsam farm located in a quiet corner of Downeast Maine. For almost 50 years, the Worcester family has cared for thousands of acres of balsam forests and handcrafts the most beautiful fresh wreaths and balsam products to honor and decorate homes around the country each holiday season.  

What products do you make?

Worcester Wreath Co. handcrafts thousands of balsam wreaths, centerpieces, our patented tabletop trees and other unique balsam gifts that bring the scent and tranquility of Maine forests into homes across the country. Each balsam product is made with care and love and is crafted with the family’s own lush balsam boughs that make for the fullest and most fragrant wreaths, centerpieces, tabletop trees and products you’ll find anywhere.

How do I care for my fresh Worcester Wreath Product?

To ensure that your fresh Worcester Wreath product lasts throughout the holiday season it is necessary to care for your product like any fresh floral product.  Each product should be watered every other day to ensure long-lasting life.  Care instructions are included in all of our balsam products.  Here are the care instructions for your reference.

Wreath Care:  Your fresh Maine wreath should be misted upon arrival.  Aftercare; remove from the hanging surface and mist with water every other day to keep the boughs fresh and fragrant.  It is suggested not to hang your fresh balsam product behind a storm door as the heat tends to dry out the fresh product.

Centerpiece Care:  Your fresh Maine centerpiece contains a floral foam base and should be watered upon arrival.  Check regularly to maintain a moist foam.  Always water your arrangement over a sink.  Never leave lit candles unattended.  Do not place lit candles within reach of children or pets.  Prior to lighting candle, be sure arrangements are well watered.  To reduce sooting, you must trim the wick to ¼” each time the candle is to be relit.  Avoid using in drafty areas.

Tabletop Tree:  This decoration is NOT a living tree, but a floral foam based tree-shaped arrangement made from fresh Maine balsam boughs.  Immediately upon arrival, pour one quart of warm water slowly in the area at the base of the boughs.  Add about one cup of water each day to keep the tabletop tree moist.  Always water your balsam product over a sink.  If your tree came pre-lit always unplug the arrangement prior to watering.

Note:  Decorations may shift during shipping and bow may need to be adjusted and fluffed.  Your fresh Maine balsam product was bee packed tightly in its carton for shipping.  The branches will need a few hours to breathe before they relax to their normal, full shape.  You may notice some loose needs in the carton after unpacking.  This is a natural, unavoidable occurrence called “sprilling” and is not a cause for concern. 

Why are there needles in my Worcester Wreath packages?

Sprilling is a natural occurrence that happens during shipping of our fresh Maine balsam products.  This is a natural occurrence and is of no concern.  You can take these sprills and create a fun DIY project.  Here is a link to one of our favorites. 

Maine Balsam Sachetshttp://365daysofcrafts.nikimeiners.com/stenciled-bird-balsam-sachets-not-just-for-christmas/

Does Worcester Wreath have a product guarantee?

Worcester Wreath is proud of our handmade, fresh Maine balsam products that we offer a 100% product or money back guarantee on all of our products.  If you are not 100% happy with your Worcester Wreath product we will replace that product or offer you your money back.  Please reach out to our customer service team if you are unsatisfied:  1-855-876-3772

How long does it take to receive my fresh Maine balsam product?

Worcester Wreath produces and ships all of our fresh Maine balsam products within 24-48 hours of placing your order to ensure our customers the highest quality product.  Worcester Wreath allows our customers the unique capability of choosing your ship date.  This allows orders to be placed throughout the year.  Worcester Wreath works with FedEx, UPS, and USPS to ship our products.  Our primary service is ground which is a 3-7 days service depending on delivery area.  Worcester Wreath does offer expedited shipping as well.

What should I expect for shipping costs?

All Worcester Wreath balsam products come individually boxed; therefore shipping costs are associated per package.  Worcester Wreath charges the exact cost of shipping and no money is made of shipping.  Worcester Wreath does receive discounts from FedEx, UPS, and USPS and pass those savings on to our customers.

Does Worcester Wreath offer volume discounts?

Worcester Wreath Co. offers volume discounts.  Here are options for volume discounts:

Corporate Gifts:  www.worcesterwreath.com/corporategifts

Fundraising:  www.worcesterwreath.com/Fundraising

Wholesale:  Please email for wholesale quote – info@worcesterwreath.com

Volume Discount:  Please email for volume discount – info@worcesterwreath.com

How do I return a Worcester Wreath product:

Worcester Wreath does not accept returns of balsam products as they are perishable and cannot be resold.  If you are not happy with your balsam product Worcester Wreath offers a 100% product and money back guarantee.  If you did not order one of our balsam products and it was delivered to your address; we ask that you do not return your perishable Maine balsam product, but to donate it a veteran’s cemetery in your local community.  For any products not made of balsam, please contact the office for return/refund procedure.

I have placed an order, but need to change the information:

No problem.  If your order has not been fulfilled we can change any information in your order.  If your product has been shipped, we will work with the shipping carrier, to our best of our ability, to get any shipping information changed. 

I am missing a component of my fresh Maine balsam order:

If you are missing part of your order please reach out to our customer service team and we will ship you the missing component.  1-855-876-3772.

Does Worcester Wreath Co. buy brush?

Worcester Wreath Co. does not buy outside brush.  Worcester Wreath Co. harvests all of our fresh Maine balsam off our own manicured forests.  This ensures the freshest, greenest, most fragrant product on the market.  Worcester Wreath Co. has two plant pathologist consultants on staff that work with our team to ensure there is no disease or insects that would harm our balsam.

I like the idea of the Patriot Pair, but am confused on how it works:

The Patriot Pair Wreath(s) were created as a way for our customer to honor their military hero and also be apart of the Wreaths Across America mission to Remember the Fallen; Honor Those Who Serve; & Teach Our Children the Value of Freedom.  When you purchase a Patriot Pair, one wreath is sent to an address of your choice and the second wreath is donated to Wreaths Across America’s general fund.

Relationship with Wreaths Across America

When is National Wreaths Across America Day?

National Wreaths Across America day is Saturday, December 14, 2019.  Please visit www.wreathsacrossamerica.org to find a participating location near you.

I would like to sponsor a wreath to go on a veterans grave:

Worcester Wreath Co. cannot accept donations.  Wreaths Across America, a non-profit organization that was founded by Morrill Worcester, can accommodate your request.  Please visit www.wreathsacrossamerica.org for more information.

How did the Wreaths Across America project start?

The founder and patriarch of the Worcester family, Morrill Worcester, visited Arlington National Cemetery many years ago, when he won a trip to the nation’s capital as a 12-year-old paper boy for the Bangor Daily News.  The visit made a profound impression on him ¾ one that has stuck with him his entire life. He took that moment to heart and it forever changed him. He realized that because others had made the ultimate sacrifice, he was allowed to dream, build his business, raise a family and enjoy all the freedoms this country has to offer. It was something he knew was important to always remember.

In 1992, Worcester Wreath Co. had a surplus of balsam holiday wreaths. Instead of simply discarding them, Morrill decided to travel back to Arlington National Cemetery and lay the extra wreaths on the graves of fallen soldiers. He was able to get help from then Maine U.S. Senator Olympia Snow, and with the support of many others, he made the 740-mile journey from Maine to Arlington National Cemetery with the surplus wreaths. On that first trip he placed 5,000 wreaths in the national cemetery to honor our nation’s heroes.

The trip was so meaningful to Morrill that donating and laying handmade balsam wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery became a personal holiday tradition for the Worcester family. It went unnoticed for almost 13 years, until a now famous photo of the wreaths went viral in 2005 and the annual family tradition received national attention.

After that photo, everything changed. Requests poured in and folks wanted to know how they could get involved, and whether the company’s wreaths could be laid at other state and local cemeteries all over the country. The family even received donations that they had to return because they were not set up as a nonprofit.

As the requests continued to pour in, the family knew that what they had unwittingly started was now bigger than they could manage. In 2007, the nonprofit organization, Wreaths Across America, was founded to enable the holiday tradition to continue.

Wreaths Across America, under separate leadership, took up the tradition the Worcester family had started and has continued to expand the effort while also supporting groups from across the country who want to do the same. The organization’s mission is to Remember, Honor and Teach.

What is Worcester Wreath Co.’s relationship to Wreaths Across America now?

Worcester Wreath Co. is one of Wreaths Across America’s largest sponsors and their wreath vendor.

Over the last 12 years, Worcester Wreath Co. has been selected by Wreaths Across America as their wreath vendor of choice. With the enormous growth of Wreaths Across America, the organization went to an RFP and bidding process. Worcester Wreath Co.’s selection has been based on very precise requirements set forth by the non-profit organization.

What other Veterans projects does Worcester Wreath support?

Worcester Wreath Co. is passionate about supporting veterans and their families, and that passion only continues to grow. While Worcester Wreath Co. and Wreaths Across America are connected — there’s a shared and interwoven history and passion for supporting veterans that is undeniable.  The company cares deeply about the Wreaths Across America mission and the what the mission defines. 

Worcester Wreath donates 30% of its profits to Wreaths Across America, as well as,  local civic organizations each year. As the largest sponsor of Wreaths Across America, Worcester Wreath Co. donates approximately 30,000 wreaths per year, in addition to countless volunteer hours and a variety of in-kind contributions.  Being a part of Wreaths Across America is just one way that Worcester Wreath Co. honors veterans. Below are a number of examples of how the company shows their commitment to and reverence for this country’s fallen heroes every day.

  • Worcester Wreath Co. hosts a series of veteran free events and concerts on their amphitheater located on the balsam farm each year for the community, active duty, veterans and their families.
  • The family recently donated land so that a new national cemetery could be created in Washington County for Washington, Hancock, and Penobscot County veterans and their families.
  • The company built a chapel on their balsam farm near where the new national cemetery will be located for families to use at no cost for military funerals. It is non-denominational.
  • Land was donated for a flagpole and memorial to honor the Freeport Flag Ladies’ mission, encouraging Mainers to remember those who were lost and those who have served since 9/11.
  • Over the years, the family has begun turning their working balsam farm into a sacred destination of remembrance for veterans, patriots and their families. If you drive along the many miles of back roads on the property, you’ll see dog tags of thousands of veterans who have served, glistening in the trees; each set of tags donated by a family seeking to honor and remember a fallen veteran. When the wind is just right, you’ll hear the gentle chimes of those who sacrificed for our freedom. Every year, many of these families visit the farm in order to roam the property and visit their loved ones. The Worcester family hopes that by creating these living memorials, they might offer the families a place where they can experience some sense of peace. 

Public Relations / Media contact – Belinda Donovan, Public Relations Director, bdonovan@ethos-marketing.com, 207-856-5737 Direct